Kiss The Sky
Kiss The Sky is a browser-based indie video game. At its heart is a programmatic replica of Mendelian genetics, and the gameplay is based on real-time Darwinian selection. You can either compete to breed a flower that reaches the sky, or let ambient mode play out for hours or days or weeks.
Mince is a social recipe app that lets home chefs tweak, borrow, and steal from other recipes in order to create new and unique flavors. Inspired by versioning systems used for collaborative computer programming like Github, Mince allows users to "fork" posted recipes and adapt them, vote for other users' recipes, and watch their most own popular recipes climb in the rankings.
Orime, Japanese for "fold," is an origamist's companion app. With detailed, step-by-step instructions and pristine diagrams that borrow from Material Design techniques, Orime offers a large library of unique paper shapes ranging from beginner to expert ability levels.
Egon Schiele's drawings are characterized by distinctive lines — awkwardly heavy, jagged, and straying along trailing slants — with bold but sparse use of color. None of these elements are common to music player apps. Schpiele's design steals Schiele's lines and colors directly from his drawings, then cuts, splices, and contorts them into the shapes of a familiar contemporary music app interface. This exercise's result is a distinctively anti-Schiele pattern, re-imagining music player design while nevertheless maintaining Schiele's recognizably characteristic style.
Dead in Bed: An Online Novel
Dead In Bed is a novel presented online as a social reading web app. As the novel's story unfolds, readers can interact with each other chapter by chapter and unlock additional content by sharing their reading experience on social media.
Bus Derby
A 3D vehicle derby video game rendered in three.js and run on a physi.js physics engine. UV maps designed in Illustrator & Photoshop; meshes created in Blender and imported as glTF.
Icon Animation Collection
A collection of original hamburger menu icon animations. Uses HTML/CSS and raw JavaScript and SVG. Animations handled with my AnimateAnythingJS JavaScript library.
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